Sermons – Page 2

 Who Is Your Father?, by Jim Gallagher, 12/26/2010, Hear on mp3

Our Example, by John French, 12/19/2010, Hear on mp3

Spiritual Blessings, by Mason French, 12/12/10, Hear on mp3

Washing Away Sins, by Mason French, 11/21/2010, Hear on mp3

Salvation Baptism, by Mason French, 11/14/2010, Hear on mp3

Faith and Baptism, by Mason French, 11/7/2010, Hear on mp3

Baptism in the Name of the Trinity, by Mason French, 10/31/2010, Hear on mp3

Baptism of John and Jesus, by Mason French, 10/24/2010, Hear on mp3

Behold the Lamb of God, by Mason French, 10/17/2010, Hear on mp3

The Humble Forerunner, by Mason French, 10/10/2010, Hear on mp3

They Beheld His Glory, by Mason French, 10/3/2010, Hear on mp3

The Light of the World, by Mason French, 9/26/2010, Hear on mp3

The Word and John the Baptist, by Mason French, 9/19/2010, Hear on mp3

The Word in Relation with Creation, by Mason French, 9/12/2010, Hear on mp3

The Word, by Mason French, 9/5/2010, Hear on mp3

Children Relationship with Parents, by Mason French, 8/29/2010, Hear on mp3

Parents Relationship with Children, by Mason French, 8/22/2010, Hear on mp3

Ten Commandments For Wives, by Mason French, 8/8/2010, Hear on mp3

Ten Commandments For Husbands, by Mason French, 8/1/2010, Hear on mp3

Rescuing the Family, by Mason French, 2010, Hear on mp3

Relationships in Freedom, by Mason French, 7/25/2010, Hear on mp3

Relationship in Marriage, by Mason French, 7/11/2010, Hear on mp3

Family Relationship in Church, by Mason French, 7/4/2010, Hear on mp3

Relationship with God, by Mason French, 6/27/2010, Hear on mp3

Our Suffering God, by Mason French, 6/20/2010, Hear on mp3

Our Merciful God, by Mason French, 6/13/2010, Hear on mp3

Our Faithful God, by Mason French, 6/6/2010, Hear on mp3

First of All, by Mason French, 5/23/2010, Hear on mp3

Promises, by David LaBelle, 5/30/2010, Hear on mp3

Words that Shape Our Life, by John French, 4/18/2010, Hear on mp3

Jesus from Genesis – Noah and the Ark, by Mason French, 5/16/2010, Hear on mp3

Jesus from Genesis – Cain and Abel, by Mason French, 5/9/2010, Hear on mp3

Jesus from Genesis – Adam and Christ, by Mason French, 4/25/2010, Hear on mp3

Jesus from Genesis – The Creation of Man, by Mason French, 4/11/2010, Hear on mp3

Jesus from Genesis – Life from the Waters – Jesus Coronated and Made King, by Mason French, 3/28/2010,
Hear on mp3

Jesus from Genesis – Life from the Dirt – the Resurrection, by Mason French, 3/21/2010, Hear on mp3

Jesus From Genesis – Waters Separated – A Picture of Redemption and the Cross, by Mason French, 3/14/2010,
Hear on mp3

Jesus from Genesis – A Picture of Grace and Jesus, by Mason French, 3/7/2010, Hear on mp3

The Local Church, by Mason French, 2/21/2010, Hear on mp3

The Universal Church, by Mason French, 2/14/2010, Hear on mp3

A History of the Church, by Mason French, 2/7/2010, Hear on mp3

Law of Moses Obsolete #2, by Mason French, 1/31/2010, Hear on mp3

Law of Moses Obsolete #1, by Mason French, 1/24/2010, Hear on mp3

The Lord’s Supper, by Mason French, 1/10/2010, Hear on mp3

The Feast of the Redeemed, by Mason French, 1/3/2010, Hear on mp3

Passover, by Mason French, 12/27/2009, Hear on mp3

Prepared to Serve, by Mason French, 12/20/2009, Hear on mp3

Destroying the Body of Sin, by Mason French, Hear on mp3

Behavior Modification or Conversion, by Mason French, 11/1/2009, Hear on mp3

The Ideal Disciple, by Mason French, 8/17/2008, Hear on mp3

Making Disciples, by Mason French, 8/10/2008, Hear on mp3

Radical Discipleship, by Mason French, 8/3/2008, Hear on mp3

Feed Them, by Mason French, 7/27/2008, Hear on mp3

The Longest Day, by Mason French, 7/20/2008, Hear on mp3

Holy Idols, by Mason French, 7/13/2008, Hear on mp3

The Brazen Serpent and the Cross, by Mason French, 7/6/2008, Hear on mp3,

The Brazen Serpent Compared to the Cross of Christ, by Mason French, 6/29/2008, Hear on mp3

Walk in Love, by Mason French, 6/1/2008, Hear on mp3

Imitating God, by Mason French, 5/25/2008, Hear on mp3

Walking in Truth and Holiness, by Mason French, 5/18/2008, Hear on mp3

Gifts for Unity, by Mason French, 5/11/2008, Hear on mp3

One Hope and Unity, by Mason French, 5/4/2008, Hear on mp3

One Baptism and Unity, by Mason French, 4/27/2008, Hear on mp3

One Faith and Unity, by Mason French, 4/6/2008, Hear on mp3

One Spirit and Unity, by Mason French, 3/30/2008, Hear on mp3

One Lord and Unity, by Mason French, 3/23/2008, Hear on mp3

One God and Unity, by Mason French, 3/9/2008, Hear on mp3

Walking Together in Unity, by Mason French, 3/2/2008, Hear on mp3

Fulfilling Inner Needs, by John French, 3/16/2008, Hear on mp3

Completely Full, by Mason French, 2/24/2008, Hear on mp3

Manifold Wisdom of God, by Mason French, 2/17/2008, Hear on mp3

Temple of God, by Mason French, 2/10/2008, Hear on mp3

Unification – One in Christ, by Mason French, 1/27/2008, Hear on mp3

One, by Mason French, 1/20/2008, Hear on mp3

Looking Into Our Warehouse, by Mason French, 11/25/2007, Hear on mp3

How to Walk, by John French, 11/18/2007, Hear on mp3

Chosen and Predestinated, by Mason French, 10/28/2007, Hear on mp3

A Heart of Gratitude, by John French, 10/7/2007, Hear on mp3

The Resurrection, by Mason French, Hear on mp3

The Crowd and the Compass, by Mason French, 7/15/2007, Hear on mp3

Precious Letters, by David LaBelle, 7/8/2007, Hear on mp3

Sincerity, by Mason French, 6/17/2007, Hear on mp3

Calling On the Name of the Lord, by Mason French, 6/10/2007, Hear on mp3

Israel’s Mistake, by Mason French, 4/29/2007, Hear on mp3

Discouragement and Pride, by Mason French, 4/22/2007, Hear on mp3

Truth, by Mason French, 4/15/2007, Hear on mp3

Overcoming One Another, by Mason French, 4/8/2007, Hear on mp3

Truth and Consequences, by Mason French, 4/1/2007, Hear on mp3

Dangers to the Local Congregation, by Mason French, 3/25/2007, Hear on mp3

Knowing God, by Mason French, 3/18/2007, Hear on mp3

Four Laws That Will Change Your Life, by Mason French, 3/11/2007, Hear on mp3

An Heir Through God, by John French, Hear on mp3